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A Story of Empowered Woman Shining Bright

Diamond Singson


Los Angeles, California Apr 9, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – A Story of Empowered Woman Shining Bright

Who would have thought a lady from the Philippines is marking her name in the corporate world of business? Before her success, she worked hard and persevered to achieve her aspirations. Who is Diamond Singson? Know her story and be inspired by her words from this exclusive interview.

“I’m probably more known by many, especially the corporate and business sectors in the Philippines and other foreign countries, including some politicians and diplomats, by my maiden name, Diamond Feliciano. As a matter of fact, those important people can even give a better description of me than anybody, aside of course from my husband, John Singson, who can be biased if asked. 

Before anything else, I would like everyone to know that I came from a very humble family like the famous political roots of my husband, I’m proud to share this and would like to give honor to my late parents who raised me and my 2 other siblings so well, that despite being simple people, we we’re able to accomplish our aspirations from our own hard work and dedication, beyond people’s expectations.  

Notwithstanding the simplicity of life, I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to finish a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Economics and acquired my Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from 2 respected universities in Manila. Not to mention, my special badges as a Green-Belt in Lean Six Sigma and a certificate holder in Strategic Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from the Asian Institute of Management (AIM).

Don’t mistake me for an “achiever”, I am far from being that, others are more worthy of that title. I am more driven by challenge, following my life motto since I was 7, “Who Dares Wins!” As a young girl, I was so focused on my dreams and equipped myself with knowledge knowing that it will be my edge one day… it actually did work for my advantage, coupled with a tremendous amount of prayer. 

Professionally, I acquired my formal corporate discipline and training from my 6-year and 10-year stints in a prestigious food and beverage manufacturing corporation, and top multinational oil and gas company, Chevron, respectively.  Add my few posts abroad after Chevron before I earned my executive positions as I repatriated to our country. I was invited to join his empire and was appointed as Assistant Vice President by the very prominent business tycoon in the Philippines, Dennis Uy of UDENNA, followed by Director for Operations position in multinational firms. 

During those years, I had the opportunity to work on special projects involving high profile personalities and diplomats, which made my professional experiences and business networks, in both domestic and international settings, richer.”

Not everyone has the audacity to do what you did to achieve your corporate business stature, what makes you different from others who you said are more “achievers” than you?

“I’m a Diamond… I have to shine! 

You know, my Dad was a brilliant wise man, he gave me and my siblings names that will define who we should be as a person. He would always remind us that we should live by it, as he said to us one time “Listen, what’s in your name? You are the persona of your name therefore, you should be worthy of carrying it.”  That day, it dawned on me that I’m like a Diamond… am I giving justice to it?! 

This mindset encompasses everything I did in my life and probably the reason for being where I am now. I drive myself further and farther in everything I do, across all categories, may it be in sports, career, or anything you can think of. I know I can give more and I can be better. Thing is, I do my best to win in life as a whole, not just on stage or any form of competition, that delineates my character as a person, my career badges and sports trophies are just bonuses. But of course, like a raw precious stone, I was imperfect in more ways than one but through time I was slowly “polished” … and still, the polishing continues.

Your background is totally different from your husband’s; how does it work in your business endeavors? 

“I don’t see it different nor detrimental, in fact, we complement each other’s expertise. I am always behind the scene in strategy formation and decision-making in every investment we enter into. My husband sees opportunities; I ensure our objective is implemented. He has the gut feel in making money, I have the structure in making it work. We have this synergetic relationship that it doesn’t matter what kind of industry we engage in, we always successfully make it happen together.”

We all know that John Singson is quite a sought-after man by so many ladies out there, what’s your take on this as his wife, and why do you think of all women, it’s you he married?

Find it weird, but I like it that women are after and throwing themselves to him… it’s a confirmation that I married a good-looking man! Seriously, I’m not the jealous type, John is. I encourage him to go out with his friends without me so he’ll have his space and enjoy the night out, which surprises him because that’s uncommon from a partner, especially from a wife. 

Controlling and demanding are never my traits as a partner besides, a pretty face and sexy body are not good enough for John… remember he’s a wise businessman, he acquires “assets”, not “liabilities”. Until such time that those pretty ladies have attained power, success in their career, vast business network in many places, a fine net worth, and investments of their own… then they are not my competition. All modesty aside, they have to first match what I have accomplished at 40.

From the very start of our relationship, I made it clear to John that I’m far from the concept of being a “housewife” if he expects that from me then he can forget about me and go find someone else. I can never be that kind of trophy… not that it’s off, I’m saying this title is just not for me. My husband understands and fully knows that I can equally put food on the table as much as he can, as he’s very much aware of my stature from where I came from the first time he met me. All these have captured him and so he straightaway proposed and married me… John was certain that he secured himself an asset, not a liability.”

You’re always gorgeous in your outfits you stand out from the crowd, even ladies drop jaw and admire you. Do you have a particular style you can share with everyone out there?  

“Elegance. Classic. Timeless. These are my forever style. I pick pieces that will never go out of fashion, I don’t really follow trends and I’m definitely not a fan of cute, preppy, rugged nor short, and sexy tight-fitting attires, they’re just not for me. 

My outfits are a mix of “less is more” or sometimes “more is more”, it really depends on my feelings about the occasion. Regardless, what matters is how I carry myself… well, I make sure I can always strut my style in my stilettos!”

What’s your advice to all women who want to become successful in their career or any endeavor?

“Not just for women but men too… don’t be contented in your present situation, find that urge, that fire in you to keep pushing… to keep going. Set aside other’s opinions, good or bad, just focus on your objectives and make sure you nail them. Always move to the next chapter of your life book… as for me, I’m not yet done writing my story, I’m still in the process of creating sensational next chapters.

I’m sure you will all say easier said than done… trust me, I went through the worst hurdles you can imagine – the haters, the gossips, the people who did not believe in me, so on and so forth. Did they discourage me? Did I hate them back?… What for? It’s a waste of my precious time and energy when I focus all my resources on self-improvement. In fact, I am grateful to them, that if it weren’t for their negativities I wouldn’t be a polished stone as I am now. So please, feel free to hate me some more, gossip about me some more… this way, you just help me become better and stronger and famous. I thank them for that!

Don’t compete with anyone but yourself, you are your own champion and failure. Set an objective and put a timeframe for completion. But be prepared as you flourish, expect that you will have more haters out there and they will always try to pull you down. Know this before you react… those people don’t really hate you, they actually hate themselves for not being in your shoes, for not achieving what you have achieved, and since they can’t do anything about their lives, they might as well just destroy yours. Pity them, be kind to them, don’t hate them back, and most especially, don’t let them win. 

Do your best to win in life in all the good ways possible, this will define and differentiate you from others as a person, you will never go wrong… it’s what matters in the end anyway.”

 Quite a moving and inspiring success story, Diamond is indeed an epitome of a strong-willed and empowered woman. From her humble beginnings, she managed to make a powerful shift by not competing with others but by winning in life – words we should all remember.

Her life story, as she said, is not yet finished, what could her thrilling next chapters be? We all can’t wait to find out.

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