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About Us

Heads Up City News is a small online press release agency. The company is a relatively new online press release agency and it’s focus is to help city based business to gain maximum online visibility and exposure.

We realize that to get noticed online requires presence in a vast number of locations. However, getting published in any location just for the sake of quantity is not a good strategy. Exposure needs to be on sites that have domain authority and preferably, have domain authority and traffic.

Heads Up City News is a growing business. We have an increasing level of domain authority as well as traffic.

Our aim for you is to enable you to not only get exposure by publishing your own press release in our newsroom, but we also offer a featured press release.

Featured press releases are limited. We only accept 12 each month. Therefore, if you choose to purchase a featured press release, your news listing will appear on the home page of this site for a minimum of 30 days.

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