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Businesses Warned About The Need To Increase Their Security As Burglary Increases

Most recently, burglar alarm companies have been focusing on businesses as a significant target for criminal activity. Burglars typically target small retail businesses and office buildings as preferred hunting grounds. While the number of residential burglary incidents has decreased, it is important to note that businesses continue to experience this type of crime. This is due to many factors beyond the actual physical layout of the building itself.

Commercial properties are oftentimes targeted because they offer an easy way to enter other areas of the property. A business parking lot, for example, is an ideal place for criminals to target. Often, businesses will not build or provide an appropriate parking structure for employees, leaving the parking lots open to the public. This is often the entrance, a would-be burglar looks for.

Additionally, many businesses are in close proximity to their parking structures. Parking decks are also an attractive and convenient way for criminals to gain access to a business. Many parking decks are made with inadequate security features. In fact, some parking decks may even be unsecured walkways or even covered with leaves and debris from recent heavy rains. Security cameras can be placed around these areas, however, these security measures do not prevent criminals from simply walking off with your belongings.

Burglary sensors and closed circuit video cameras are often ineffective in deterring criminals. The most effective security measure that can be taken is a combination of deterrent strategies. One effective strategy is to monitor the exterior of the building and install security lights. These lights are visible to potential burglars and can quickly attract their attention. Security guards are also an effective deterrent because they cannot be tempted to leave their posts while they are on duty.

Additionally, when possible, the best course of action is to hire security guards. Security guards are often much more experienced and skilled than a typical alarm system technician. They are well-trained in apprehending security threats and can respond rapidly. These individuals can help to protect your building, as well as your customers.

Finally, businesses that feel their current security is sufficient should consider obtaining security guards. Security guards are often well-trained and have extensive training in counter-surveillance techniques. Security guards are also well-versed in detecting fraud, surveillance, trespassing, and theft. Businesses that feel that their current security is satisfactory should give serious consideration to hiring additional employees, especially in areas with high crime rates.

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