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Dr. Daniel Imperato Has Earned His Degree in Diplomacy

Daniel Imperato

Dr. Daniel Imperato has earned his degree in diplomacy from real hands-on global experience.

West Palm Beach, Florida Apr 10, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Dr. Daniel Imperato has earned his degree in diplomacy from real hands-on global experience. As a senior advisor, ambassador to country governments, and organizations like the World Bank, European Union, United States government, and United Nations, he understands the world like the back of his hand. 

With vast and extensive experience Daniel Imperato has diverse mastery of an array of worldwide knowledge. He is a valuable asset to any organization or situation requiring expertise second to none.

Eager to Contribute 

Be it business, religion, or politics, Dr. Daniel J.P. Imperato is willing to utilize his skills and experience for a proper situation. He is eager to contribute and add value. 

Dr. Imperato is an independent political-minded person. As a humanitarian at heart, his philosophy and training under biblical guidelines are significant. His impeccable experiences concerning fairness doctrines and righteousness enable him what he stands for. 

Strategic Thinker

Dr. Daniel J Imperato is a strategist and master negotiator. He is no novice in dealing with complex situations and has the tenacity and strength to deal with prudence. It is no surprise that he has achieved many honorary doctorates and awards. 

Doctorates & Awards 

  • Dean of Anointed by God Ministries University, NYC
  • Doctor of Foreign Affairs
  • Doctor of Humanities
  • Doctor of Interreligious Dialog
  • Papal Knight Vatican City State
  • Knight of Malta – Coptic Order
  • And many more

Advising on Global Affairs 

Dr. Daniel J Imperato is a well-learned worldly diplomat. He is a global businessman, independent political constitutionalist, and professional speaker. From the hands-on experience, he has acquired knowledge of foreign affairs and international business. 

Daniel Imperato can create huge expansion programs and shareholder value. He is a master strategist of political and governmental diplomacy that is needed while interacting with the world. 

In-Depth Knowledge & Experience 

Coming from in-depth knowledge and experience, Dr. Daniel Imperato advises boards, CEOs, and management of companies from start to finish. Be it local or worldwide, he sheds light on every aspect of the business. 

Dr. Imperato is a visionary having an uncanny discerned way and ability to swiftly identify moving parts and brilliantly come up with solution strategies. Be it achieving success of a single business, an array of businesses, or a political campaign, his designs are precise, analytical, and strategic roadmaps. 

Thirty-Five Years of Experience 

Experience is the best teacher! With high levels of personal relationships around the world in areas of business, religion, and politics, Dr. Imperato brings 35 years of time-tested experience in global business planning and development. 

His linguist capability in several foreign languages is an added advantage. Dr. Imperato also understands and is trained in body language and speech therapy. He has spent his life knowing people and personalities across the world, including their customs and cultures. 

Dr. Daniel J Imperato’s strategic thinking and advisory roles will eventually pay for themselves by increasing revenues and market capitalization.

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