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Pixel Values Technolabs Moves To Flutter

Pixel Values Technolabs Moves To Flutter The Best Cross Platform Mobile App Development Framework


The Best Cross Platform Mobile App Development Framework


Texas City, Texas Apr 12, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Now a day, all the Top Mobile App Development Company are changing their developmental processes by moving to the latest mobile application development frameworks. All of them want to reach their battered customers fast with the help of the recently updated technology. With the help of cross-platform frameworks; reaching the target audience becomes very easy.

Flutter enables the developer to Develop Successful Mobile Apps that possess the necessary features to work on the different operating systems and mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, and others. It’s a cost-effective way of mobile apps development using reusable codes, better access to the plugins, an improvised and fast way for prototyping, and greatly helps in reducing the development cycle.

Traditionally the two development approaches cross-platform toolkits have taken are:

  • wrapper apps – containing the web view in a native app as if it’s a website and
  • wrapping native platform controls with some cross-platform generalisation.

However, Flutter – introduced by Google, takes a completely different approach to make mobile development simpler and better. Flutter provides an application framework to work and an engine with a portable runtime to host applications. The framework is built on the Skia graphics library, providing widgets that are actually rendered, as opposed to being just wrappers on native controls.

This out-of-the-box approach gives the agility in creating a Cross-Platform Application Development in a completely custom style like the web wrapper option provides, but at the same time offering smooth performance. Meanwhile, Flutter’s widget library comes along with a wealth of open-source widgets, thus making it a very feature-rich platform to work with. To brief, by far Flutter is the closest possible cross-platform mobile development framework with little to no compromise.


Dart is the programming language – originally developed by Google, used in Flutter. It’s an object-oriented language supporting both ahead-of-time and just-in-time compilation, thus, making it perfect for building native applications, along with efficient development workflow with Flutter’s hot reloading. Version 2.0 of Dart is used in Flutter. The Dart language offers many features which are similar in other languages like garbage collection, async-await, strong typing, generics, as well as the feature-loaded standard library.

Dart offers an intersection of features that should be familiar to developers coming from a variety of languages, such as C#, JavaScript, F#, Swift, and Java. Additionally, Dart can compile Javascript. Combined with Flutter, this allows code to be shared across web and mobile platforms.

Now that you have a better idea of the two Frameworks, here is all the positive brief comparison of the Cross-Platform App Development Framework that will help you choose the best one for your app development project.

1) Performance

2) Stability of Framework and Apps

3) Development of the UI blocks

4) Installation

5) Suitability of Programming Languages

6) Documentation and Tools

7) App Development Time

8) Client Base

9) Validation of Changes

10) Automated Support for Build and Release

Pixel Values Technolabs are happy to announce that we have completed our R&D and have officially started to work on this new cross-platform mobile development framework – Flutter. Says Mr. Tauseef Anwar, Director and Co-founder of Pixel Values Technolabs. The advantages Flutter brings along with it over React Native framework will help our Mobile  App Developers and clients in faster time to market, lesser development effort, the app’s with more beautiful UI, developing stable and better quality software.

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